Travel Security

By combining our resources and professional expertise, we created an efficient travel security model to assist our clients in conducting business safely overseas.

Travel Security

Pre Travel

We provide an in-depth assessment of our clients’ needs prior to their travel to any region or country. The assessment includes an analysis of challenges the region or country is facing, ranging from cultural, political, civil, to natural disasters. Based on this assessment, we complete our recommendations that best suits our clients’ needs.

In Country

While operating in a foreign country, we provide our clients with a mobile application to access real-time security intelligence. This tool supports their operations team and keeps them informed of all security related events that might affect their business. Additionally, we have professional teams on the ground that could accompany our clients when needed to enhance their security needs.

Emergency Response

Our response team is available 24/7 and ready to be dispatched anytime. In case of an emergency, our clients have access to security and medical assistance, extraction capabilities, and border coordination anytime. 

Global Security Operations Center (GSOC):

Our security operations center (GSOC) operates 24/7 with a team of highly skilled professional security experts. The team monitors our clients where ever they go and intervenes in any case of emergency. The GSOC team also oversees any changes in countries threat levels to alert our clients immediately.

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