Operational Security

After understanding our client’s risk exposures and potential threats, we assist them in mitigating risks on an operational and tactical level. As operational risks significantly affect the reputation and financial stability of an individual or business, the lack of a strong operational risk strategy results in failures and problems in organizational management. From Executive Close Protection to Secure Transportation and Emergency Intervention, we have you covered in times of need.

Executive Protection

Through our Executive Protection service, we limit our clients’ exposure to personal risk that might be encountered due to their employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations or geographical location. We do this by utilizing our large pool of highly trained Executive Protection Agents (EPAs) that are available and ready to be dispatched at any time.

A Crownox Executive Protection Agent is: 

  • Internationally trained: SIA licensed along with other international executive protection training and courses
  • Highly Professional: Experience operating in embassies and working as team leaders for high profile diplomats
  • Local Experts: Internationally trained but usually residents of the country in which they are operating
  • Low Profile: Maintain low-profile cover during security operations and follow standard executive protection procedures
  • Multilingual: Speak English, Arabic and other required languages depending on the location of operations

Secure Transportation

We maintain a policy of flexibility when it comes to our secure transportation services, which are entirely customizable depending on our clients’ needs. Our drivers have the necessary permits to escort clients through routes restricted to diplomatic use. In most cases, our clients ask for a reconnaissance driver to be deployed to the location a day prior to their visit. Hostile environments demand safe and secure transportation; because of this, we also deploy an advanced vehicle to provide the final approval after scanning the area for potential threats.

Standard Driver

A local driver who is familiar with the anticipated region, speaks the local language and an expert in navigating through volatile areas.

Security Oriented Driver

A highly trained local executive protection officer, with tactical driving skills and access to routes limited to diplomatic use, in addition to high knowledge of local geography.

Crisis Intervention

In times of need, we provide crisis intervention services by deploying a team of security agents and vehicles to assist our clients. Our emergency intervention team is backed by exceptional crisis intervention training and a 24/7 operational center as well as intelligence support to help track and extract our clients back to safety.

Crownox provides crisis intervention services to respond to:

  • Rapid and last minute changes in the local security environment, where an organization is operating in a politically unstable or hostile environment. 
  • A security or emergency situation that requires country evacuation or medical assistance
  • The need for an immediate risk and threat assessment of a country, city or facility to allow security crisis intervention before or after deployment to an unfamiliar location.  
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