Medical Assistance Services

We provide top-quality, innovative and ultra-responsive medical assistance solutions – offering a professional and reliable services with international experience. Our medical assistance team maintains an extensive network of private and state hospitals, clinics and medical air/ground ambulances.

Medical Referral

Clients can call our medical assistance line for medical advice over the phone.  While the phone conversation cannot establish a diagnosis, it is considered a medical advice and the medical professional will provide their medical recommendations for next steps. Our operations team will act accordingly and help locate near-by medical referrals for clients.

Medical referral services to include:

  • Medical advice over the phone
  • Hospital referrals
  • Clinic referrals
  • Specialists referrals
  • Dental referrals

Medical Monitoring

Once our medical assistance team help arranging an outpatient or inpatient appointment, our medical team will monitor client’s medical situation progress directly with the treating physician. Upon the completion of medical treatment, our medical assistance team will assess the medical situation to confirm if the client is fit to continue their travel as planned or should go home.

Medical monitoring services includes:

  • Outpatient medical monitoring
  • Inpatient medical monitoring
  • Conference call with local treating physician
  • Arranging medical expenses billing if necessary

Medical Escort Transportation

If a client needs special arrangements to fly home, we are able to arrange a commercial flight with the assistance of a medical escort (nurse or doctor). We specialize in Medical Escort Services and take pride in delivering the best and reliable service in the industry.

Full bed-to-bed management service includes:

  • Ground Ambulance Arrangement
  • Medical Clearance
  • Aviation approved Medical Equipment
  • Stretcher Arrangement
  • Flight Ticket Arrangement for companion
  • Assistance with airport security clearances

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

When local medical standards are not adequate to perform medical treatment, we will work with clients to arrange for an emergency medical evacuation from the place of sickness or accident to the nearest center of medical excellence to receive treatment. Depending on the medical situation, the client might need to be sent to his/her home country by medically appropriate transportation. This medically appropriate transportation could range depending on location and medical situation of the client.

In the event where a client loses their life, we will work with local authorities and a funeral home in their home country to arrange for the return of their mortal remains.

Medical evacuation services include:

  • Air ambulance transfers
  • Ground ambulances (BLS/ALS)
  • Medical escorts
  • Return of mortal remains
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