Expanding Due Diligence Capabilities in the MENA Region


Crownox was chosen by a semi-governmental entity to conduct due diligence on the different individuals and organizations that the client worked with across the MENA region.  As per the client's requests, we were asked to conduct a vast amount of due diligence cases in four countries for different subjects. Moreover, they needed it done in a short amount of time with the utmost quality, which posed a challenge for Crownox since we were asked to look into untapped territories for the first time. 


With that said, however, our fully integrated business development department was happy to follow our client’s request and ultimately build more capabilities in the Middle East. Backed by our innovative problem-solving approach, we were able to meet the needs of our new partner. Within the first three months, we expanded to four countries in the MENA region.

We did this by visiting each country and hiring new team members through a comprehensive recruitment process. We were able to conduct due diligence in a timely manner and with the utmost confidentiality and accuracy, despite the fact that we had never taken on such a request on such a short notice.

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