Case Studies

Crownox was approached by an international corporation to extract one of their C- level managers from an Arab country to an Eastern European country just as the COVID-19 outbreak had accelerated and was declared a pandemic. Right before the client’s request, which was received around 10:30 pm, both countries had declared emergency state lockdown and imposed travel restrictions on their borders and airspace.

A semi-governmental entity requested that Crownox conduct due diligence on individuals and organizations they considered working with across the MENA region. The request involved a large number of due diligence cases in a short amount of time and in four different countries, some of which were uncharted territories for Crownox.

Crownox was contacted to assist in a high-profile visit to a Syrian refugee camp in the Middle East. The mission was intended to be discrete and confidential.

Crownox was contracted by a multinational company to assist in its termination of 100+ employees due to the closing of its Middle Eastern branch in Amman, Jordan.

Crownox was tasked to assemble an executive protection team for a client in China. Crownox was to recruit and train relevant candidates within a limited time-frame that would make up the executive protection team.

An international private firm was considering a partnership with one of Egypt's leading retailers and wholesalers of electrical home appliances.

Crownox has helped major international clients to turn their logistical ideas into a reality. A high-profile organization chose Crownox for full logistics submission. Our team was responsible to provide fully integrated logistical plans for those monthly trips to the region, such as itineraries, hotel reservations, venues, food, transportation, and security.

Crownox was assigned by an international human rights organization to establish a 24/7 operation center that provides journalists with tactical real-time intelligence and accurate incident reporting during the rapid increase of confrontations between Palestinian protestors and the Israeli Army along the Gaza Strip.

Crownox was assigned a job by a prominent US businessman who was traveling to the Middle East to visit various historical/religious sites in Jordan, Israeli-controlled areas, and PA-controlled areas along with his family. Crownox was tasked to provide a comprehensive security plan that includes executive protection (EP), logistical support and 24/7 intelligence monitoring to our client.

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