Problem-Solving Approach

No matter how simple or complex your operations are, we maintain a policy of flexibility whether it's a one-day operation or a year-long process; we assess, allocate resources, and mitigate threats based on your needs.

Advanced Capabilities

Local expertise: Highly trained local workforce.
Unique logistics: Through our solid network (local networks) we get access to unique equipment such as helicopters, private jets, and armoured vehicles.
Real-time intelligence: In cooperation with our affiliate RedCrow Intelligence, we have access to real-time security updates combined with a dedicated team of experienced intelligence analysts.
Vetting: We conduct due diligence on individuals and entities involved in your operations in different regions.

International Benchmark

Our executive protection agents (EPAs) and security consultants are SIA licensed, with experience in international organizations, diplomatic delegations and government affairs. This enables them to meet the international benchmark for security services. Crownox legal department and security teams consist of experts and international lawyers that ensure compliance with our clients' legal requirements and the country of operation's regulations.
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